sábado, 11 de agosto de 2007

Susana's Apartment - Individual, furnished shiny rooms, Recoleta

Susa's Aptment.

Shiny, big, individual & furnished rooms, with sheets & towels service, wi-fi included.

Access to microwave and refrigerator.

Near subway & lots of public transportation. There are other students. The Neighborhood is full of bars, restaurants, pubs, cinemas.

The apartment is big & comfortable.

Some of our friends :)

From Europe and US

Susana et Gigi

Susana and Sean

Nicola et amie

Tania, Susana and Fidel

Suzanne et Elia

Susana und Peer


Pete, Susana and Carmen

Susana's Family

David and Susa

Sanna y Susana

Fidel - Susana - Sanna

Susana, Solange y Monica

Susana, Monica y Trapito

Max, Greg, Susan and Trapito

Max, Susana and Greg

Brooke and Me